Systems Engineer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Infrastructure


Learnosity’s mission is to make a difference to education, worldwide, through technology. We are geeks at heart and we love what we do. We're looking for talented people to join us in this mission.

Learnosity is growing rapidly and already delivers 46M assessments per month for our customers. Reliability is the key to our success, so engineering systems that are reliable, robust and efficient are core to this role.

The ideal candidate for this role will have used Linux and AWS in production environments. He or she will be inquisitive, passionate and pragmatic, and able to understand Why they are doing things, rather than just What they are doing, and be able to communicate this clearly.

Key responsibilities:

Learnosity is built entirely in the Cloud and has a robust infrastructure, but as we are growing rapidly there is always lots of scope for improvement and change. So are you up for a change?


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Being part of the Learnosity team is a commitment to push yourself and those around you to do better, constantly adapt and learn new technologies, and be able to apply yourself to any challenge, whether you’re just starting out or a veteran of the industry.

We encourage staff to get involved in individual advancement and professional certification programmes, and will sponsor certification exams where appropriate. Our team is on the cutting edge of web development and we want it to stay there.

We are keen to try and maximise the value of your time and will design a schedule around your preferred working style, whether you need to accommodate a school or nursery run, avoid busy commute periods, a gym or sports club schedule, we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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